Getting My Vaccine

For as long as I can remember, me and medical procedures have a nasty habit of producing extraordinary amounts of pain. I think it started when I was six – a simple tonsil operation resulted in red-splattered bathroom walls and blood transfusions to save my life. It’s not being paranoid when bad things keep happening. Right?

With my propensity for medical issues, I watched approximately 7 million covid vaccines plunged deep into people’s arms on the nightly news. I cringed every single time! Then I began imagining what was the worst thing that could happen when it was my turn – I mean how bad could a quick needle be? That’s how I ended up with this decidely black-humour cartoon. But don’t worry, it’s at my expense. FF0749CB-5F24-4A16-B4E3-071212254133

Is there something worse that I missed?