About Me

Where did this crazy idea of being a political cartoonist come from?

I blame it on the amazing cartoons I collected as a teenager in the ’70s. How could a single drawing capture the politics of the day and make me laugh? Resistance was futile! My fascination with political strategy and an incurable pursuit of humour have followed me ever since.

It’s entirely possible I was not a normal teenager.

How did you make it happen?

In the fall of 2016, I got this crazy idea that I should become a cartoonist. The awkward part was that my drawing peaked around grade two. But why should that stop me?

I had all the tools – I liked to laugh, I liked cartoons and, oh yes, I enjoyed my sense of humour. The icing on the cake was that occasionally people laughed with me.

I came up with some template ideas, drew some stick figures in funny situations and was incredibly fortunate to find someone willing to draw my ideas. The fun began! Over the years I’ve changed artists and I eventually found a super talented guy from the Philippines who actually connected with my crazy ideas. I learned to come up with a concept, visualize the cartoon, lay out detailed instructions and tweak it to what I had in mind. Such fun!

I evolved from cartoons about other people to mocking myself to dabbling in politics. Eventually I figured out the most fun was political cartoons.

In 2021 my dreams came true and I became a political cartoonist for the Western Standard.

Why are you so obsessed with humour?

I could give an altruistic answer like – it makes the world a better place (small gag even if it’s a little true). I’m sure I’d like humour even if it made the world a worse place. The truth is that I have no idea.

I’ve never had a day when I smiled too much and too many days when I didn’t smile at all. These cartoons still all add a twinkle to my eye. So yeah I guess it’s all about me.

What is a krahnicle?

It’s an enigma!

With a name like Lyle Krahn, the odds of spelling it all right the first time are pretty low so I thought I’d make it more complicated!

In the past I have chronicled our family’s life with creative writing and a friend even built me a cedar canoe with “Krahnicle” embedded on the side. Now Krahnicles chronicles the things that I find funny.

Where do you call home?

Wherever my wife and I live. For the last couple of decades it’s been Saskatoon, SK. Living in a place where it gets too hot and too cold forces me to look at life through a different lens.

What else have you done?

I used to be a wildlife photographer – just for fun. You can check out my photos and previous attempts at humour at krahnpix.com.

16 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. WELCOME BACK! In a new reincarnation, no less! Good for you! You remind me of my friend Connie. I asked her once if there was anything she couldn’t do, and her reply was classic Connie. “No, I don’t think so. If I really wanted to, I could do pretty much anything.” There are no limits if you decide you want to do something!


  2. Had no idea you reinvented yourself into a cartoonist. Did you know Scott Adams who wrote the comic strip Dilbert was also one who could not really draw? He is a multi millionaire from Dilbert, so you don’t really need more than your humor too. I myself can draw just about anything, but could not come up with the witty things that you have through the years that I followed your photography site. Good luck on your new endeavor.


    1. This reinvention thing is pretty cool after I got over the idea that I couldn’t draw. I actually was aware of Scott Adams – found his book quite interesting, especially about all the failures before he found something that worked. Funny how we all have talents in different areas – enjoy your drawing. Thanks for checking this out.

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  3. Congrats on following your heart. I, too, am an artist who is drawing-challenged; fortunately, they invented the “undo” button on computers, and so I can draw, and fix, and change, and re-do until I am finally satisfied. 😀


    1. I appreciate that. It’s a great feeling to be satisfied with your work and glad you can find that.

      Even getting my rough sketches done requires much use of the undo button. I can’t imagine a pencil and eraser.

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  4. How did I not twig that your Tweets were coming from here?, As my interest in Twitter wained I missed your cartoons – but you have been tracked down now….

    Are these hand drawn or a IT generated – they are very impressive quality wise.


    1. I feel honoured that you tracked me down! It’s so good to “see” a familiar face.

      I have an artist in the Philippines who draws them on computer. He actually gets my humour so it’s been a fun relationship.


  5. Lyle……damn, man, your work just cracks me up every time! Both the humor and the amazing artwork are wonderful. Thanks for making my day, my MANY days!


    1. So true. I’ve often been interested in the effects “cold countries” have on people.

      Me? I don’t mind winter. Wind any temp starting with a 3 are bad news😬


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