Are you a cartoonist or a poser?

I have arbitrarily bestowed upon myself the title of cartoonist!

In the fall of 2016, I got this crazy idea that I should become a cartoonist. The awkward part was that my drawing peaked around grade two. But why should that stop me?

I had all the tools – I liked to laugh, I liked cartoons and, oh yes, I enjoyed my sense of humour. The icing on the cake was that occasionally people laughed with me.

I came up with some template ideas, drew some stick figures in funny situations and was incredibly fortunate to find someone willing to draw my ideas. The fun began!

I still smile at the idea of me being a cartoonist who can’t draw. So poser is right.

What’s with your obsession with humour?

I’m addicted to humour since it makes my world a better place. I’ve never had a day when I smiled too much and too many days when I didn’t smile at all. These cartoons have all added a twinkle to my eye.

What is a krahnicle?

I’m not sure!

With a name like Lyle Krahn, the odds of spelling it all right the first time are pretty low so I thot I’d make it more complicated!

In the past I have chronicled our family’s life with creative writing and a friend even built me a cedar canoe with “Krahnicle” embedded on the side. The Krahnicles have simply morphed into a new phase.

Where do you call home?

Wherever my wife and I live. For the last couple of decades it’s been Saskatoon, SK. Living in a place where it gets too hot and too cold forces me to look at life through a different lens.

What else have you done?

I used to be a wildlife photographer – just for fun. You can check out my photos and previous attempts at humour at krahnpix.com.


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. WELCOME BACK! In a new reincarnation, no less! Good for you! You remind me of my friend Connie. I asked her once if there was anything she couldn’t do, and her reply was classic Connie. “No, I don’t think so. If I really wanted to, I could do pretty much anything.” There are no limits if you decide you want to do something!


  2. Had no idea you reinvented yourself into a cartoonist. Did you know Scott Adams who wrote the comic strip Dilbert was also one who could not really draw? He is a multi millionaire from Dilbert, so you don’t really need more than your humor too. I myself can draw just about anything, but could not come up with the witty things that you have through the years that I followed your photography site. Good luck on your new endeavor.


    1. This reinvention thing is pretty cool after I got over the idea that I couldn’t draw. I actually was aware of Scott Adams – found his book quite interesting, especially about all the failures before he found something that worked. Funny how we all have talents in different areas – enjoy your drawing. Thanks for checking this out.

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  3. Congrats on following your heart. I, too, am an artist who is drawing-challenged; fortunately, they invented the “undo” button on computers, and so I can draw, and fix, and change, and re-do until I am finally satisfied. 😀


    1. I appreciate that. It’s a great feeling to be satisfied with your work and glad you can find that.

      Even getting my rough sketches done requires much use of the undo button. I can’t imagine a pencil and eraser.

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  4. How did I not twig that your Tweets were coming from here?, As my interest in Twitter wained I missed your cartoons – but you have been tracked down now….

    Are these hand drawn or a IT generated – they are very impressive quality wise.


    1. I feel honoured that you tracked me down! It’s so good to “see” a familiar face.

      I have an artist in the Philippines who draws them on computer. He actually gets my humour so it’s been a fun relationship.


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